Terms and Conditions

By registering for an account through MassMutual's Field Digital Profile Admin Tool, you as a user will be responsible for providing accurate and valid information, whether the information you are providing is about you or is provided on behalf of another individual (i.e. a proxy). User who provide information specific to an agency, or its affiliated office location(s), will be responsible for providing accurate information. All users will assume responsibility of managing their content, especially if content becomes: outdated, non-compliant, inaccurate, untruthful, or no longer applicable.

Insurance state licensing information must be provided accurately and managed by the user entering the information. Securities information, if provided, must also be provided and users are responsible for managing that information on their website should changes occur to FINRA regulations.

Inclusion of Social Presences

User who include social media links to their individual or office profile(s) must ensure that provides are approved and compliant by MassMutual.

Image Use

Users will be required to include specific images, such as headshot photos. Headshot photos must be professional and follow the following headshot photo guidelines. Imagery, or photography services not offered complimentary by or through MassMutual must be purchased by the user. In providing us these images and content we expect that you own all the rights to the images and content or otherwise have obtained the necessary licenses to use the images for promotional, advertising and other commercial purposes, including for publication and display on the Internet.

If you do not own the rights to the images and content you are providing to us through this tool and have not obtained licenses to use the images and content for commercial purposes, please ensure you obtain those rights.